The no-code web3 marketing stack

Airdropr enables web3 companies to bulk send crypto and NFT to their users.

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Create token airdrops without code

Launch merkle enabled airdrops within minutes and not weeks, without writing a single line of code, using our no code builder.


Create audiences with
our list builder

Interact with smart-contracts via the front end and generate custom audiences based on triggers. Ex: Top Holders.


Analyze your drop’s performance

Track your Airdrop Distribution data, and more with our advanced analytics dashboard

Custom Branding

Customise your drop page and domain

Airdropr helps you customize your Drop page according to your brand with easy-to-use customizer.

Supported Tokens

Send any kind of crypto coin or NFTs

Airdropr can be used to send any ERC20 and ERC721/1155 (NFTs) to your audience.

The one stop web3 marketing platform

Airdropr is a bridge between users and companies for sending them tokens without wrting any code.

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